PMMS Premium has been developed by PMMS Consulting Group to give procurement and sourcing professionals access to a range of invaluable tools, techniques, guidance and templates designed to help put you in control of your supplier relationships



Skills 2 buy web-enabled training provides leading edge techniques to optimize supplier management performance and contribute to your bottom line.

A modular design and interactive format offer you just-in-time training at your convenience.

Program Features and Learner Benefits
Features Benefits

Content relevant to managing your supply base

Immediate value to yourself and to your business
Developed by worldwide experts with experience across all industry sectors Access to best practices based on proven results
Global Leading Edge Practices Most advanced techniques and material available anywhere; applicable to markets worldwide
Standardized tools Consistency in approach; skills enhancement
Online exercises, self-assessment Practical, experiential learning
Modular design Pacing that meets your needs
24 X 7 access JIT training that adapts to your schedule
Discussion groups Benefit from the experience of other professionals
Customer support Get the support you need
Online Tutor Support Better access to the people who can answer your questions
Online Resource Material Find everything you need in one place
Certification upon completion of all modules Recognition and increased value as a professional

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