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SARA - systematic approach to ratio analysis

Number crunching may be boring but SARA provides a hassle-free and informative way of diagnosing the financial health of a company.
SARA takes the hard work out of ratio calculation and lets you interpret corporate accounts.

All you need is the SARA CD and Excel spreadsheet capability…not forgetting a copy of a company's accounts. You then extract the necessary information and SARA does the work for you. It completes specific ratios which provide key information - providing useful information and saving you time.

How it works
Load up the SARA file and input up to 30 designated figures from a supplier's or customer's annual financial report onto the SARA template. The relevant ratios will be automatically calculated for you. You can analyse and print as many reports as you wish.

Some of the significant ratios you can find include:
- Company profitability
- Management of working capital
- Gearing and financial leverage
- Gearing and financial leverage
- Solvency
- Expenses ratios
- Capital turnover
- Cash quality of profits

SARA helps you to quickly diagnose a supplier's or customer's financial health from the latest published data. This is valuable background information when considering commercial relationships. Your negotiating position is greatly enhanced.

Armed with this information, you can make an informed decision about your business relationship with potential customers or suppliers.

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