PMMS Premium has been developed by PMMS Consulting Group to give procurement and sourcing professionals access to a range of invaluable tools, techniques, guidance and templates designed to help put you in control of your supplier relationships

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Core process topics Advanced topics Templates
Opportunity analysis Getting the best from market enquiries Aquisition strategy
Project charter Supply positioning - advanced (1) Agreement summary
Supply postitioning Supply positioning - advanced (2) Balance of power
Supplier preferencing Supplier preferencing - advanced Benefits analysis
Stakeholder analysis Market Management Matrix - advanced Bid evaluation
Needs analysis Legal aspects of international purchasing Business case
Cost levers and drivers Analysing markets using porters 5 forces Category analysis
Supply chain analysis Supplier visits Communication plan
Category analysis External relationship mapping Contract handover
Supplier appraisal RFI's : keys to success Cost levers and drivers
Ratio analysis RFP's: keys to success External relationship mapping
Balance of power Managing stakeholder transitions Log benefits
Market Management Matrix Negotiation: tips Market approach
Market approach Negotiation: Phases Market summary
Contract development Negotiation: Methods of persuasion Market Management Matrix
Bid evaluation process Negotiation: Agreements Needs analysis
Negotiation preparation and planning Negotiation: Behaviours Needs statement
Managing transitions Negotiation: Concessions Negotiation
Supplier relationship management Negotiation: Listening and responding PESTLE
Renewal and close out Negotiation: Opening Project charter
Negotiation: Questioning RACI
Price and cost analysis Ranking matrix
How to reduce price Ratio analysis
How to reduce cost Risk analysis
Total cost modelling Stakeholder analysis
Writing specifications Supplier appraisal
Facilitation skills Supplier performance report
Conditioning Supplier preferencing
SWOT analysis Supplier visit
PESTLE analysis Supply chain analysis
Achieving stakeholder buy-in Supply positioning
Johari windows SWOT analysis
Brainstorming Transition plan
Benefits statements
Overcoming stakeholder resistance
Effective meeting management
Debreifing unsuccessful suppliers
Cause and effect analysis
Procurement marketing
Asking why?
Dealing with distorted markets
Managing team creativity
The business need
RACI charts
Pricing policies and market maturity
Process mapping
Supplier development
Force field analysis
Managing price increase requests
Gathering high level data
Risk and vulnerability management
Elevator speech
Communication planning
Overview of project management
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